TradingShield - Setup Guide

Setup Guide

A step-by-step setup guide to start earning profits with the bot for free!

1. Bybit Account Creation
The bot uses an external Bitcoin exchange for trading, we don't hold any of your funds. Go to here and register.

2. Buying Bitcoin
If you don't already have some, here you can find a list of trusted websites that you can buy Bitcoin in.
Send them to the Bybit account that you just created - you can find your Bybit wallet address here -> press 'deposit' in the BTC row -> make sure it says 'BTC Wallet Address' in the title -> copy the address and send the Bitcoin you bought to this wallet.

3. TradingShield Account
Now that you have a Bybit account with funds, head over to here - register an account and login to it.
Then in the dashboard page follow the instructions (you don't need to create a new account since you already created one following this guide, so start with instruction 2).

4. Bot Settings
After you TradingShield account has been verified, go to the settings page and set your API Key & API Secret, and check 'Bot Enabled' to enabled once you are ready to run the bot.
Go to the dashboard and make sure you see your balance and stats, and then you should be good to go!

5. Earning Profits
Now it's just wait time! On average there are 9 trades a month, so might want to be a bit patient.
Check the dashboard every once in a while to see if a new trade has opened!
Join our Discord server for any questions, feedback, or just to hang out!
Not all trades will end up in profit. No one can be 100% right in the market. But the bot is profitable by winning more than losing!