TradingShield Leverage Trading Bot - Multiply Your Money

Multiply your money with TradingShield - a free fully automated leverage trading bot for Bitcoin.

Fully Automated Trading Bot
A fully automated trading bot that uses a consistently profitable strategy.
No previous knowledge required. Anyone can easily start profiting using the bot.
Fast setup and a step-by-step guide from how to buy Bitcoin to getting profits from the bot.
Nothing else required after setup, just let the bot run and check back every once in a while to see profits!
Safe we don't hold your Bitcoin, we only trade on your Bybit Exchange account using their official API!
133% average monthly gain for 2019. That means $1330 profit on a $1000 investment.
TradingView Indicators
TradingView Indicators for backtesting or manual trading.
You don't have to use these, the bot is here to profit for you!

To get access to the indicators, create your TradingShield account and follow the instructions. After you deposit into your Bybit account from our affiliate link you can get access to our indicators on TradingView. Or you can pay $100 to Tbjbu2#0001 (DM On Discord) for lifetime access.
Discord Server
Discord server for fast support and live chat with other users.

Start with as low as $1 and watch it multiply!


Is there a setup guide?
Yes, a step-by-step guide from buying Bitcoin to earning profits with the bot can be found here.

Where do I deposit funds and where does the bot trade?
The bot trades on the Bybit exchange using their API, which means we don't have access to any of your funds.

Are profits guaranteed?
Profits are not guaranteed, as this is trading and trading is a risky investment. But stats are showing that it's been consistently profitable in 2019, so if you ran it during 2019 for more than 2 months, you will be in high profit!
You can look at stats on our stats page, and once you have access you can check yourself on TradingView using our strategy indicator - which you can easily check past performance with.

Can I lose my money?
In the very unfortunate case that the bot stops being profitable because the Bitcoin market starts behaving differently, you can lose your money. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Trading bots are risky but have a very high potential return. If you can only lose $1,000 but can make over $10,000, then it's a good investment!